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Ady Scope

Hi, Im Ady. Let me share with you some of my professional experience.

I performed a wide variety of positions in the online entertainment industry for the past 10 years. I have helped build the online brand for ‘Keshet’ (Israeli TV broadcaster) and developed mobile services for ‘Orange Israel’. I was Head of Operations of 888’s Online Bingo offering.

I have recently joined ‘Pixel Convert’ as a co-founder, enabling Pixel to branch out its core business from online marketing to online operations of independent marketplace sites, in hand-picked sectors.

I'm a strategist and an executionist, who likes to take ideas and make them happen. I believe I understand the online user’s psychology and behavior and facilitate this knowledge to monetize the business.

Oh, and one last thing. I absolutely LOVE Argentinian tango and enjoy dancing in festivals around the world.