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Adzkia Salima

Laladon, Bogor, Indonesia

On the 5th of August a gorgeous baby was born. Her parents named her Adzkia Salima which means clever and safe. She's the first child in the family. She was raised in islamic atmosphere. Her fisrt word was.. umm.. Idk.. She memorized and recited An-nas, Al-falaq, Al-ikhlas, Ayat kursi once she opened her mouth (kidding hehe). She loves to play doll, read books, draw, swim and sing.

What a nice childhood. Back then she grew up and she had to face reality that the world isn't as nice as she thought. You cannot stop the world crazzyness by just saying "okay anak nongkrong stay away from drugs, stop global warming, stay alive, see you, bye bye!" like how her crush vj always said. She even realized that what she watched everyday wouldn't change a thing, even worse, it's menyesatkan. She kept thinking about that. Too bad she didn't have a friend who care enough about those matters. Just like typical school student whose interest only in celeb, boys, fun etc. So she kept it to herself.

Now, She is a student in Bogor Agricultural University. She is studying computer science. She is just starting to love this field eventhough she actually wanted to be a doctor.

She joins BKIM IPB (Badan Kerohanian Islam Mahasiswa). She feel belong there. It opens her eyes. It satisfies her mind. It answers her insecurities. It makes her move.

Now she knows, the answer of all problem is islam. The one and only. SO, she take a part of resuming the Islamic way of life by establishing an Islamic State that executes the systems of Islam and syariah.

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