Allison Easterling


I, Allison Easterling was born and raised in Oregon. I'm married to my best friend and have three amazing kids. I grew up in Milwaukie, Oregon with my three older brothers and one younger sister. I started writing when I found this website called Wattpad. I saw all these people who were like me, just wanting to be creative and express their feelings and love of writing. I knew I had to try it. That was two years ago and since then I've written seven stories.
I have hundreds of fans and followers, thousands of votes and all kinds of wonderful comments. Writing was just going to be a release for me. A way for me to express myself while still being home with my kids. I thought that people would laugh and make fun of me but when people started asking for more of my work and soon enough I was hooked. Having people relate to what I wrote and hang on my words, craving more like I was, was addictive.
This experience has been amazing to have people read my words. When I have a bad or good day, my writing reflects it. I've enjoyed this whole writing experience and even though my work may not be Stephen King material, I give 100% of myself in my work and I always will.
I'd like to give an special thank you to my husband, Kevin. He's pushed me more than anyone and been my number one fan from the beginning. He tells everyone he meets that his wife has written books and they should buy them. Thank you and I love you. Thank you to my fans on Wattpad for reading my books and giving such positive feedback and kind words. You are all motivational and keep me writing.

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