Audrey Elizabeth Butler

Dual-Enrolled Student, University of Georgia

What is life like with six younger brothers? There are no dolls or tutus; only swords, sticks, army men, muddy shoes, and noise . . . a lot of noise. Three of “Them” (my favorite appellation for the boys) share the upstairs bedroom, and not a day goes by without a crash that rattles the house (and my nerves). This is in addition to the endless cacophony of boy-simulated race car, fighter jet, chainsaw, orc and dragon sounds.

When it comes to studying and practicing music, it can be a little frustrating because of the many interruptions -- "Sissy, will you tie my shoe?" or "Check on the baby!" or "Audrey, please grade my Latin test." But brothers can be fun, and sometimes more really is merrier.

After dinner, my family gathers for reading and chatting. Sometimes we bring up old stories -- "Remember the time we snuck food from the table for a midnight feast?" or "I still can't believe we lived in a house with one bathroom for a year!" Laughing together is one of the highlights of our day.

My favorite thing about having six brothers is that I can never remember a time when we haven't had a baby in the house. It would be very sad without a baby to cuddle and care for -- not that changing diapers and calming fussy babies is fun, but life would not be as joyful otherwise.

The older boys and I are very different, but we’ve learned (or I should say, are learning -- it's a process!) to compromise. While I can't bear to watch the movie “Patton,” it’s agony for Them to watch “Pride and Prejudice.” We split the difference with “The Waltons.”

Like any family, we have our ups and downs, but I'm very thankful for each of my brothers and blessed that I can share my life with so many of Them!

  • Education
    • University of Georgia