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Alex Ecenia

Alex Ecenia

I am a graduating senior at UT Austin looking to begin an international career. I love to travel, I have been to Africa (Uganda is my favorite so far!), Europe, Asia, and India - my newest favorite! I dream of traveling the world and discovering new people, places and cultures.

I enjoy event planning and fund raising for non-profits as it allows me to channel my ambition and creativity for great cuases. With excellent organization and leadership skills, and a passion to change the world, I hope to find a organization with as much energy and determination to do good as I have.

My largest passion is global education and I feel that this the best way we can change the world. By putting a pencil in every child's hand we can imporve our world. My favorite quote of the moment is from a non-profit I'm invoved with called Girls Who Rock:

"Music is universal. Education should be too."