Aedan Kiernan


My name is Aedan, I’m 21 and live in Hythe, and I’m a recent Media and Digital Media Graduate from Canterbury Christchurch University. Where is studied Media and Digital Media but the course title has since been change to Media and Communication and Digital Media but still consist of the same modules.

I have a great passion for everything media related as that what I studied in my degree but I’m also very interested in sales and also a recent possibility of teaching.
Either way one of my greatest assets is my creativity and Customer service. I am very creative at solving any problems and designing but I also enjoy engaging with customer and ensuring they are the main focus and they are aware of that, and I am always willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are happy. I always find it easy to speak to customers and engage on a personal level with them about what they are doing, their interests. This always helps when over coming any problem they may have as we have a better dialog. Managers as well as customers have recently praised me on my customer service skills.

Media, Communication, Design and Marketing are all thing that I covered in my degree and area of work in which I have a lot of passion and are area I would like to develop upon my current skills and start a career. I am also currently saving to attend the IDM (Institute of Digital Marketing) to build on my own skill and gain a diploma, which would be a part time online course.

I’m a very active person who always want to go out and have an adventure, and I’m in not working you’ll usually be able to find me in the gym or running, on a football pitch or playing fifa. Fitness is very important to me and its changed my live by loosing 5 stone is a year, it as made be a much more confident and happy person.

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