Africa Enterprise Development


We are a team of REP experts dedicated to the growth and development of African enterprises and entrepreneurs. We are driven by a desire to reproduce the feats of leading enterprises in the west through afro-centric research to discover what works, and to empower African entrepreneurs with these discoveries for exceptional performance. We work in collaboration with government agencies in all African states to help them develop effective enterprise development policies and plans, and to plan, execute and manage projects geared toward enterprise development in the country. Our work with the African Union is to foster the development and passage of regulations and agreements between African states that translate into the achievement of empirical growth in private sector performance and economic growth which are reflected by GDP and GNI figures.

Our team is made of experts, both in active practice and retired from active service, from various fields of endeavor with relevant experience and foresight under their belt. We attract high performance experts from nations across Africa while keeping in view the emerging trends and evolving business climate on the African continent. Professionals on our team have backgrounds in Business Development, Economics, Workplace Effectiveness, Accounting, Investment Banking, Sociology, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Law, Politics and International Relations, Productivity, Negotiation, Leadership and Teamplay, Finance and Taxation, Health, Safety and Environment among others. We also have contributing professionals from the west who share our passion and buy into our vision; they bring forward invaluable contributions that enhance the achievement of our corporate mandate.

We periodically hold public lectures where we share discoveries from recent research, survey, studies and experiments with participating entrepreneurs across Africa. These public lectures are available for private use in handy packages (CD-AUDIO, DVD and Books). We hold Enterprise Development Clinics where participating entrepreneurs are equipped with practical techniques for handling common business challenges. The clinic also serves for networking and idea exchange between entrepreneurs within a region.

We send out FREE PDF reports of critical research and development opportunities initiated by the African Union, Commonwealth, World Bank, World Economic Summit, and International Aid O