Aeesha Sheikh

Fulltime Crazy, Parttime Molvi, and Chief @ The Unicorn Division in Pakistan

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Allah Ji ﷻ and Nabi-i Kareem ﷺ are the first and foremost priorities of my life.

Salaam, I’m Aeesha. I’m an attorney living in Pakistan. I am a fan of reading, writing, and traveling. I’m also interested in yoga, tai chi, pilâtes, and staying healthy. Oh and, you can read my blog, which is basically just my travelogues, so if you are into that kind of a thing, make a click on the button above.

I work as an Associate with Rayyan Institute, an online Islamic school, based in Canada. I am also affiliated with Wifaaqul Madaris al Arabiyah. And alhamdulilah, I am an Islamic Theology sophomore at Islamic Spirituality, a naqshbandiyyah-chishtiyyah school, based in Pakistan. That makes me an ardent follower of Tasawwuf (aka Sufism) and meditation. I freelance counsel women struggling with PTSD and MDD, on a regular basis. I can not think of spending a day without memes. My partner in crime is a baby African Grey named Bozo. In my free time, I juggle learning between languages and painting and polish my calligraphy skills. Also DIYs, man. I love, love, love being craftsy. If you watch movies other than the ones made under parallel cinemas, we may never speak of movies again. I am most likely boarding a flight or driving to an undecided destination as you are reading this. And the cherry on top of my roller coaster life is that I am a film school dropout (hehe, I can explain why). But hey, I love all the transitions, moments, emotions, and experiences I have gone through, because they have only pushed me closer to my Rabb and have helped me become compassionate for people.

My favorite quote is “Make du’a, my hot fantasy.” And “I am not vanillah.”

I akhizone all boys. I think I am celibate.

If you feel relatable to me or want to have a chat with me, hmu on any of the social networks below! I am always up for having a cup of chae and a heart to heart conversation, so I’ll be waiting for you!