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I ll do it soon, not ready for now.. :)

..No, lets doit now, ..mmh, ..naahhh maybe not for now... owh GOD.. alrite! dont forcing on me, 'am good. Well, okey.. maybe just a bit wont bother you at all. I would tell there is nothing special on me but you. I'm only seeker who traveling with my own minds seeking for something unusual, extra ordinary, awecool, something indefferent.. yeah, 'bet you know well kind things like those.

Being different is not cool for some people with some reasons, but sorite.. anything goes well on me, i wont feel bothersome with you guys.. keep stay on your lane, just relax.. 'am good and i wont bite you. =))

ARRGGHHHHHHHH..NOM..NOM..NOM.. pS: shhht.. i HAVe V@mpheRiey rules runing my bloods aswell. ( i wont turn you into vamps, as long as we can keep this as our secret). ;-)