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jenny !!!!!!!

Artist in New York

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➳ MY NAME is jenny / nhi! you may call me by either name i dont mind!

➳ I AM nonbinary, and i prefer they/them and she/her.

➳ I IDENTIFY as asexual polyromantic :)

➳ MY INTERESTS (and posts) include:

• kpop

• anime games (LLSIF + BGHS)


• nico yazawa (LLSIF)

• celestia ludenberg (DR)

• fuyuhiko kuzuryuu and hiyoko saionji (SDR2)

• kurosawa dia (LLS)

• sendoin kaede (BGHS)

➳ MY BIASES are:

• jin (BTS)

• wonwoo + the8 (SEVENTEEN)

• yugyeom (GOT7)

• jinjin (ASTRO)

• chaeyoung + jungyeon + sana (TWICE)

• taehyun (WINNER)

• yunhyeong + jinhwan (iKON)

• hyungwon (MONSTA X)

➳ DONT FOLLOW ME IF: you dont like llsif, kpop, or bghs as i tend to post very often about those things. i also post my face a lot!! follow at your own discretion, please!