Anindya Talitha


Hello, are you have a safe flight? now you arrived at Anin's Cozy Corner. Have you seen my boyfriend there? Kim woo bin, someone who greeted you at airport. So! maybe you can be happy here and have pretty more information about me. Don't judge people if you don't know the right. If you already read this page, is all your choice to follow me, judge me, talk about me on my back, and bleh bleh bleh. enjoy here!

(i don't know really well abt

Anindya. 15 y.o. Born in Jakarta but life in Bogor and school in Bekasi (so complicated) Youngest daughter and have one elder sister. Not very beautiful, pretty, and smart. but very confident, open, and friendly without talkactive. B type, stubborn but love my family and friends very well. Not on falling in love condition. But kim woo bin's effect has controled my heart.

I'm a K-holic. from kpop, kdrama, kcelebrity, kfood (without they kimchi and makanan 1/2 matang), ksport, kvariety, and not for kglobalnews. Actually i'm a ygstan and pinkpandas. I have 6 biases for boys. they are 3 kim(s) and 3 kwon(s). I can be so mad if u compare me. but your life is yours, my life is mine, so what should i worried? and i can be so mad, really mad, if you take my bestfriend. i know someday we must let it go, but its not easy sis/bro. if you want to judge me, okay be pleasure. you judge my life, you regret it someday bleh bleh bleh.

My best quotes is "Keep moving forward -Walt Disney" how that quotes give me a big chance for my life. I have to keep moving, moving to forward, let the past be my story, and build my briliant future. Another quotes i love so much is from Mulan ost - Reflection. That song always make me remember about myself. "must i pretend that i, someone else for all time?" although i'm an open girl, but i always done my day with a mask. so, reflection was tell me to do something what I love, what I like, and what I want. not do what people like to do. people can't punish you. only god who can punish everyone.

oh ya, fyi, I'm addicted with Dandelion and Sun too. so if you want gimme some gift, you can give anything dengan yang berbau dandelion atau sun.

that enough, kay? too much drama? so what will you do? bleh bleh bleh. thank you for reading my line.