A.E. Jackson

Through personal analysis and self improvement studies, A.E. Jackson has learned he is a "GECO". Gregarious, Encouraging, Creative, and Outgoing individual. It is these personal strengths which serve him so well as a Marketing Distributor for Send Out Cards. His family & friends are enjoying all the benefits of operating their own greeting card & personal gift shop online!

Together Jessica & A.E. Jackson operate Old World Essential Oils. Their online store and blog goes beyond offering doTerra Essential Oils. The couple leads Financial Peace University classes in their region - guiding others toward debt freedom, good stewardship and wealth building. Using Old World Essential Oils they encourage others to live enriched, healthy lifestyles drawn from personal experience and generations of wisdom passed down through their family.

Currently, A.E. Jackson is the Digital Marketing Specialist at 88.7 FM The Bridge, a Christian Radio Station that is Connecting and Strengthening Delmarva. It is his responsibility to expand the reach of the ministry in the digital realm! Everything from social media, email marketing, and text messages - to website management, digital video, and exploration of new technologies. The 'work' is a ton of fun - and he is thankful to be able to use his talents and passions to serve God - and his community - in this unique way!

From a young age A.E. Jackson dreamed of being a published author. His first self published work, Realms of Adventures, is a collection of exciting blogs. Readers will enjoy following the bold adventures experienced by the author and his gaming groups. The original Play-By-Post game "Realms of Adventures" has expanded into a collection of serial stories encompassing a wide range of genres. Each series is played and experienced by players from around the world!

Originally from Delaware (born & raised) A.E. Jackson attended college in West Virginia, and then moved to Wyoming. After that a short stint in Seattle ... and then it was back home. On arriving home, he start