Joshua Smith

DFW, Texas



I recently completed my first epic fantasy novel, Weaving and Musings of Essencers, and am working on the sequel, A Rose By Any Other Thorn, as well as an apocalyptic urban-fantasy novel. My books incorporate my history as a former educator and attorney’s assistant with a love of researching science, philosophy, history, military, theology, and world issues (from ending sex trafficking and children as soldiers to racial issues, dealing with suffering and disease, and environmental concerns like desertification and urban and rural agriculture).

I can be found on Twitter @AelathiaNovels and I blog at and for about anything geeky, books, fantasy with a quest, super-heroic, or just plain walking dead.

I unabashedly build Legos and love post-apocalyptic, zombie, and dinosaur-themed books, TV shows, and movies. I'm a proud member of the epic fantasy/reality TV show The Quest fan base, called The Quest Army, where I help facilitate an Artists and Writers group. I'm frequently a guest panelist on The Quest Army Hangout, a live and recorded Google+ talk show with guests featuring producers, writers, cast, and contestants from the show. I also play Lord of the Rings Online and Marvel Heroes. High (epic) fantasy literature is like my chocolate...or popcorn. One day, after this severe neurological disorder has worked its way out of my system, I plan on learning to sword fight. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with my wife, daughter, and her young ladyship's high court of stuffed and Duplo animals.

  • Work
    • Unemployed due to severe spinal myoclonus.