Aela Zejanovskii

Paris New York

I'm the type that they call a wallflower, but don't be fooled, I'm quite the outgoing gal when I want to be. I hate superficiality and whatnot. I believe we not only grow as humans, but as spiritual beings. I have a deep interest in the metaphysical world, and things considered unearthly, but not 'inhumane' as such. I believe in kindness and karmic forces. I often seem to confuse reality with fantasy, though I'm openminded yet critical. I'm quiet but once you get to know me, I am the loudest, most extroverted person you will ever come to know. I'm deeply inspired by the fear of being average, as in.. the mediocre things in life suck. I don't know why I was put on this earth in the first place but I like to wander endlessly over it. I believe in aliens, cmon let's be real, we can't be the *only* life force out here in this gigantic gunk of junk called space. I only believe science to an extent, as there is a lot of things our tiny, hopeless human brains can't seem to figure out. I like to think that I'm an aspiring philosopher.. in my head. I like fashion and class, think the ever-so-clichéd tales of red wine, cigarettes, gold [and silver] chains, red lipstick, divine food, expensive brands, big houses and cremé coloured napkins at restaurants smeered with gloss. I empathize with others on a spiritual level, and am quite talkative. I'm also into astrology, and my favourite sign that I fall under..? hmmm, most probably my pisces moon, aries ascendant venus in leo and part of fortune in libra, because all I want in life is beauty, money and love. Speaking of love, I am in love simply with the idea of falling into a deep, passionate, erotic type of requited love. I find it beautiful, and I seek for intimacy in a relationship, not just the physical stuff. There are so many things about me that I simply don't understand myself, but I do try my best to do so, even though it's a struggle most of the time.