Ashley Elizabeth

Photographer, Mother, and Small Business Owner in Washington

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So first things first. I'm Ashley. Obviously. I am a Wife, Mom, Photographer, Blogger, DIYer & so much more.

Ok. Now that that part has been covered, how about you get to know me some?! Like I said before, I am Ashley. I am a 30something Wife & Mom. I say 30something because I am not ready to commit myself to that “Thirties” category. That & I don’t feel like I am in my thirties. To be honest, I still feel 22. And I am usually told I don’t look to be in my thirties. So why not just go with it right?! I have been married for 10&1/2 years to my guy Ryan. We have been through the ringer in those 10 years (that story to come at a later time.) But he remains my Best Friend & Lover. Together we have the most Handsome little Boys. (I am slightly Biased to these guys so you may see a lot of them.) Brayden is 2&1/2 & Logan is 6 months. They are incredible. We also have a little Chihuahua named Kinley. She is 5&1/2 years old. We reside in Washington. No, not DC. Yuck. Thats not a place for this Anxiety Ridden Girl. We live in the breathtaking state of Washington. I wake up everyday to the most amazing Mountain & trees everywhere.

Well now you know a little about who I am. I hope you will come back and visit often.

XoXo – Ashley