Ms. April Mills

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Well what can I say, to know me is to love me. I am a young, vibrant, and an out going individual. I am the very proud mother of a very handsome 6 year old boy whom I adore and love with my entire heart. Entertainment Business bachelors online is my degree of choice at Full Sail University. Why, you ask? Because my whole life has been centered around music. A few years after graduating high school, I literally moved to NY on a wimb and was able to get a job at Quad Recording Studios. From there that's when I realized that I loved the business side of this industry more than the technical. I knew I wanted to become a publicist and work with artist, athletics,and companies on forming and maintaining their image through strategic marketing, branding, and planning. By my out going personality and ability to network with any and everybody, I had a contact with someone at one of the largest and most successful independent record labels in NY, TVT Record Label, that I got while he was in my hometown on business promoting. That lead me to an internship with the label in the promotions and A&R department. It was awesome. I got a little taste of entertainment business! And it made me want to be a part of it even the more. Moving forward, I knew I had to get back in school and I was willing to do just about anything (legally, lol) to do it. Well guys and gals, after 10 years I finally did it. I'm here and I'm sooooo excited. I wish all of you who took the time to read my very long bio much success and thank you for reading.! :)

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    • Full Sail University