Joo Choon Aeng


안녕하세요 난 앵토끼에요 뿅ㅇㅅㅇ

(Hello I'm Cherry-rabbit *Bbyong*)

(はじめまして, 私 は さくら うさぎ です * ぴょ ん * )

(Bonjour, je suis cerise-lapin * Bbyong *)

Designer, stylist, decorating works of art, PD of my own AengTV , artist of Aengtoon. Now i'm still young so couldn't be a master, keep learning from people who've been being my inspiration. All of what i'm doing now stems from my passion. If you see this, leave me messages or tweet for me on my Twitter. Hope that i can work with all of you who have the same passion to me. Thank you!

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