AeonIT Solution

AEON means ‘for eternity’ or ‘infinite’. We believe the digital world provides limitless opportunities … in how we think & act in our everyday life, personal & professional. We believe that an ‘disruptive idea’ is a core to anything we do and execution mediums are just incidental. We are in business of creating delightful experiences and influencing brand perceptions by engaging with our audiences. Throw us a challenge and see it getting done! Having seen the digital medium evolve in last 7 years, we now play a strategist and consultant role to many top ad agencies and clients alike. Our specialities lie in -

1. Creating integrated brand strategies for digital medium,

2. Developing intuitive designs and experiences for our customers on mobile and web,

3 Developing complex web & mobile apps for B2B and B2C

4 Providing end to end solutions for converting your brick and mortar business to ecommerce / online shopping portals,

5 Conceptualising & developing mobile gaming and videos,

6 Content management for social media, and

7 Undertaking predictive analysis for data mining and selling

As marketers in digital world, we are constantly at top of our game, the biggest contributor of evolution being ourselves. The constant challenges between tech and creative teams help us evolve beyond the realms of ‘accepted norms’ and provide a greater impetus of achieving customer delight. Let’s get started!

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