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A good Friend Said that I might get more dialogue if I explained that I hide messages within messages.. I will go back to a message that I have previously shared and add more to it in the comments section. Bringing deeper clarity to subject line. Much Like a Blog I suppose, and what I am intending is to build a series of Messages that can take ONE into Any Level of the Heart and Consciousness that they may desire or Seek. I intend to create a bridge for Humanity.. out of the Dark Night where their Soul is Lost and INTO the Bright Unconditional Light.. where they get to live up close and personal with their Beings/Souls.. Where they may develop the most important relationship in this Life.. Where they may learn to Bask (taking off the Masks) in the soft yellow light of pure knowing. A bridge is Created here in these Posts.. It leads to a type of Wonderland.. but not one where the Mad Hatter is the Sanest of bunch.. ONE where you Find your Own Characters and Create New ways of interacting with the world you Call Home. A bridge that Literally leads to Anywhere and No where all at once.. A bridge that Is determined by what we leave behind and What Purpose Projects in front of us. A bridge of Forgiveness.. A bridge that understands you.. for I am You and in this Moment upon this Bridge we are the Still Reflecting pools to each other... Where I have been you are and where you are I have been .. in one way or another... we reflect for Wisdom sake.. and we walk silently inflecting acceptance. We learn to allow together.. not be run out but to walk steadily in... to.. LIFE. The Sign Posts... up ahead will be NOTHING short of a Miracle for some.. for it may read the words to you.. that you have waited to hear all your life.. and it may dawn upon you like the morning sun.. that the reason why YOU never heard them or read them Up tell this point.. is because you were waiting upon the world and the world was waiting upon you. WELCOME HOME... LIVE HERE With PURPOSE. DECREE what you know is right and RESOLVE what you know is wrong.. every day.. Walk the bridges that are before U over the Chasms and Dark Seas.. Until you find yourself in a NEW land where YOU create the Reality. Step out into Nature often For this is what brings U out of Separation and Is Your Bridge to fully Receiving you. LOVE YOU.. I DO.. I share these words so that we can Grow into the TREES of LIFE we ARE.

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