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When I began my professional career I did it at the wheel of a race car. I soon found that it was expensive to have others perform my fabrication work, so I became a machinist. My high aptitude for mathematics quickly put me into (then) Numerical Control Manufacturing. After about 3 years doing that I realized I had an aptitude for engineering so I entered the Air Force to gain the opportunity to get a degree.

Unfortunately I missed the GI Bill by a little over a month. After about 18 months I got a humanitarian discharge to return to Texas to take care of my family. Back in Texas I returned to manufacturing. In just under two years I taught myself to G-Code program CNC machines manually. While I made several attempts to return to school, as a CNC Programmer I had the responsibility of keeping our machinery productive. Manually programming up to 6 machines was a fairly time taking task. In the mid 80's when spreadsheets became popular I began using them for family of parts programming. I used post WW-II books to supply the formulas needed to develop a number of tools that assisted me in scheduling, inventory control and many other manufacturing tasks.

At this point my job function had progressed into more that of an Industrial or Manufacturing Engineer.

By the mid 90's my ability to bypass most normal software systems and lack of a degree combined with the rapidly evolving modern manufacturing software it became more and more difficult to find steady work. I primarily shifted focus to various specialty projects contracting for many different companies. Some of my more interesting work involved working as a corporate anthropologist of sort.

One of my customers tended to buy other companies. My job was to study their documentation to blend their manufacturing operation into ours. Often that required researching ISO-9000 and other certifications to insure compliance.

Never in my wildest dreams would I had realized that all those years studying corporations could be applied to social work. When my daughter's family found itself under a CPS investigation, I was asked to review the "Discovery" furnished by the courts. Thus "Angel Eyes over Texas" was born.

Since 2010, AEovrThas consulted with more that 650 Texas families dealing with CPS issues.

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