Irene Rakowski Crewell

Irene Rakowski Crewell

Irene Rakowski Crewell is a generational psychic medium. Her communing with spirit has been a life long journey, a journey embraced, a journey loved.

Irene believes in personal empowerment through an individual's own spiritual path and growth. She works with Source (God), Spirit, the Angels and her own guides to deliver messages from the spirit world with the belief that she is only the messenger. She offers a judgment free space in time, where she believes a person is hearing what they need to hear from spirit, and this information, if embraced, will allow a person to heal and find peace within their life journey.

A practioner of divination, Irene makes pendulums from items which find her and inspire her. Irene uses tarot and oracle cards, pendulums and other divination tools and considers her study of divination to be a life long journey.

Irene works independently with various paranormal investigation teams and has appeared on radio, in book print and has taught classes on pendulums and their uses.

Who is Aeracura? Goddess Aeracura is the Goddess of blossoming and personal growth. She is an inspiration to Irene. Her message is one of not rushing this beautiful path you are on, learn all you can, and when the time is right, you will put all you have learned into action. Above all, have patience with yourself, and do not give up. Don't ever give up.