Autumn Raven

Plano, TX

With six earrings, changing hair color and hair styles, with a constant chaning style to, I tend to be a little weird. I live with both my parents and my two dogs, but not for long because I will be transfering off to college soon!

Since 6th grade, I have been facinated by sea creatures and oceans. I love cuttlefish, manatees, and of course, turtles! I feel aweful about what people do to the oceans, and do volunteer in oceanic programs. I have two fishtanks of my own and I have also kept a catfish alive for almost years now (origianal life span was about 11 months). I hope to turn one of my fishtanks to a salt water tanks soon, so I can have more brightly colored fish. I am trained in scuba diving, with a log of almost 25 dives. I know thats not a lot but I have made it to Advanced Diver under PADI ceritfication and hope to make it to resue diver over this summer.

I am also a 1st degree black belt and a National / International Champion in Taekwondo. I have traveled to England and nearly placed in my division but sustained a concussion in the semi finals and lost. I was also on Team USA for traditional taekwondo for two years and hope to make it again this year. I train under Grand Master Scott McNeely at PSA Martial Arts. I work with other kids and parents in our training facility as a Junior Instructor. I have had four concussions, along with multiple other injuries which do not include (luckily) broken bones.

Other hobbies include anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! (card game), and Renaissance fairs; all of which would make me a dork. Although Im not contantly posting on social media, I do post every once in a while.

  • Education
    • Collin College
    • Texas A&M University at Galveston