Aerica Parson


I am unapologetically woman, mother, teacher, sister, friend, advisor, counselor, professional, advocate, listener, worshiper, poet, writer, singer, oh and did I say mother. I'm sure there are more that I'm leaving out, but I feel a brain freeze coming on. Woosah! (Thank you #Martin Lawrence).

In an ocean of a million plus blogs on teaching, education, and parenting, I've thrown my many hats in and hope you enjoy the ride. This blog is about filtering through the sea of hashtags and likes and focusing on the things we as parents and educators want to know and talk about when it comes to our kids and our sanity.

1 Teach 'N Momma is about "shouting out" all the cool kids and great classrooms/teachers in our communities. It is about providing and sharing fun, cool ideas and/or activities for the classroom, community and your living room (or kitchen) :-). 1 Teach 'N Momma is also about giving parents and educators a place to discuss the issues and topics important to them in education and parenting.

So is this a personal soap box...yes.... if I am having a bad But it is really for you. As a teacher and single-parent, sometimes, it is nice to have a place to turn to where you can just be unapologetically you.

Fun Facts About Me

Ok now that we're friends...1, 2, 3 all eyes on me! Let's begin...

  • Work
    • 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Education
    • M.B.A., M.A.T