Amanda Ericksen

I think the most inportant thing in life is to remeber when you have an idea go for it. If you dont go for your idea someone else might think of it and get all the credit and not you.

My first memory about school is my fourth grade teacher Mr.Hu. He always gave us free play every day. We played Capture The Flag we were unbeatable.

My third grade teacher Mrs. Tamel was very helpful and nice. She was my tutor for 3rd,4th, and 5th grade. She helped me understand with all my homework that I didnt get or when I got confused with.

I have a lot of friends. I make alot of new friends every year. We had a lot of good mermories with then. We went to la together twice,and we are planning to go to a lot of other places together.

How can I handle bullies. I stand up for the person that is getting bullied, also I tell an adult or teacher.

My dad works in an abulance. He is an EMT. My mom is jobless right now and is looking for a job. I have a cat named coco.

The words of wisdom was ''always go for your dreams''. This is very important because they are all good ideas.

I am a very loud and social person. I love One Direction. I love a lot of music. I learned that I am very athletic. I wish I talked less. I get a long with everyone who is positive and not a downer.

I want to get good grades. I want to go to a good college and have a soccer scolorship. To get good grades so I can get there.