Aerochix is an all-female Aerosmith tribute band from New England. The uniqueness of the band, combined with the seasoned musicianship and electrifying live show, captures the attention of the audience time after time. The fact that the band is all female instantly peeks people's curiosity; they want to see what it's all about. The audience is always amazed when they see the band play, especially for the first time. The band tastefully portrays the image of Aerosmith in many aspects. The entire presentation, from the wardrobe, the musical equipment, to the onstage frolics and playful antics, and the authentic execution of the songs make people quickly forget they are watching an all female band and truly appreciate the musicianship. An Aerochix show is hard rockin' and full of energy. The band plays songs that have kept live audiences all over the world on their feet screaming and singing along. You'll hear hits from the early days like "Dream On", "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk this Way" to more recent hits such as "Cryin", "Pink", and "Love in an Elevator". Aerochix prides itself on being able to deliver the deep cuts that any hardcore Aerosmith fan would love to hear; songs such as "Seasons of Wither", "Draw the Line", "Last Child", and "Movin' Out". The live performance of Aerochix captures the audience from the ringing of the very first note to the encore. Playing hit songs that span four decades; Aerochix takes the audience on a musical journey that people of many generations enjoy.