Jason Grace

Long Island, New York, USA

July 1st marks Jason Grace's birth as the second children of a mortal actress Beryl Grace, who is consecutively the mother of Thalia Grace. He was named after Juno's favourite hero in order to placate the indignant goddess herself, and contrary to any other offspring of both Jupiter and Zeus, Juno made herself Jason's patron.

Being the son of Jupiter, Jason is a serious young bloke with a moderate sense of humour (may vary whenever Leo Valdez is around). He also has a strong sense of honour and justice, just like his father does. He cares for his family and friends, even to the verge of putting them first before himself. Although a natural-born leader, he could sometimes being plagued by doubt, and when he failed, he would start to criticise himself. Hard.

Since his second year of life, he had been separated from his mother and sister, for Juno commanded Beryl to bring Jason to the Wolf House, where the goddess Lupa initiated him in the ways of Rome. After several moments of training under the supervision of the goddess, he travelled to Camp Jupiter and spent his early life there, accustomised himself to the lifestyle of Roman Legion.

When he was inducted to the Cohort Five, becoming the centurion afterward, the cohort began to regain its honour. He had also done countless quests, including retrieving a stash of imperial gold torpedoes from the CSS Hunley at Fort Sumter, finding and slaying the Trojan Sea Monster, and doing a favour for Bacchus involving a missing leopard in Sonoma.

In such a young age, he became the praetor of Camp Jupiter after leading the Twelfth Legion in an assault on Mount Othrys and slayed the Titan Krios himself, although leading to the destruction of the mount itself.

However, when Hera was in danger, she manipulated Jason's mind and swapped his place with Percy Jackson, and he needed to lead the quest to save Hera and to retrieve his memories back. Fortunately, he succeeded.

He is now positioned as the counselor of Cabin 1, after giving his praetor title to Frank Zhang. Even though the camp was not his place at first, he had accustomised himself to love the camp, as well as the responsibilities as the cabin counselor.

  • Work
    • Cabin Counselor
  • Education
    • Camp Half-Blood
    • Camp Jupiter