Aeron Dayles

Knock It Out Records, New York

Aeron Dayles is a songwriter-producer and artist from Germany. Having spent time in the music cities of the world, London, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, he is well-versed in writing music ranging from Pop, Dance, Rock and Country. Aeron has spent time developing his craft over the years; He has been writing songs since he was 9 years old and went to school for audio engineering.

Back in the day, as small kids, Aeron and his little sister Kim Cady (singer & songwriter) would write songs while on long road trips. "Instead of being bored Aeron and I used the time and entertained ourselves, as well as our parents, of course :-D. Aeron has always been very ambitious, even as a child, his fascination and passion for music rubbed off on me soon." - (Kim Cady) -

He works together with Ryan Nach (producer and founder of "Knock It Out Records", NY)

Aeron Dayles´ ability to create incredibly catchy melodies, toplines, and chords make him a key element to the Knock It Out Team.

“When Ryan and I met in Los Angeles, it was clear that we were gonna develop a tight working relationship. We had our first session with some other songwriters in a hotel room and came up with four great songs in one night. We simply just clicked." - (Aeron Dayles)

With Aeron, Ryan and Kim combining their unique musical influences, they make for a very effective songwriting/production team.


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