Aubrey Rumore

Tempe, Arizona

I jetted out of Kansas City and into Tempe, Arizona for college. I'm now a junior at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School. Through my experience at Cronkite, I have honed my writing, learned the ins and outs of hard news/news reporting and

Cronkite offered me many opportunities to dive headfirst into the field of journalism -- and I took those opportunities and turned them into indispensable experiences. From mass comm classes

From social networking to multimedia coverage, the digital era has redefined journalism. The public seeks news with an instant need-to-know mindset and the most breaking events come live straight to a device that sits in a hand or a pocket at all times. This rapid change in technology prompted rigorous coursework and focus on multimedia journalism. Through classes and internship experience, I've created a number of multimedia projects. I've also learned a lot about social media - from SEO to live-Tweeting assignments - and I maintain personal profiles on major social media sites.

I'm seeking opportunities to continue writing and continue scoping out all the different fields of journalism. Here's a link to my online portfolio: and you can reach me via email at

  • Work
    • Sales associate at Christi's Fireworks
  • Education
    • Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication