Aery Prabhakar

Aery Prabhakar is a leading motivational author and life coach from India. He is a peak authority on Inner Game and his expertise revolves around the core areas of human personality and life like Self Confidence, Emotional Mastery and life management.

Aery is a Master NLP practitioner and a certified Hypnotherapist. He is the founder and CEO of Success Mantra Inc. and the Chairman of Aery Prabhakar Companies, all of which are devoted to make a difference in the lives of those willing to live their ultimate dreams and create a life full of choices.

He is a professional speaker and helps others break through their limiting beliefs, master their fears and discover their hidden and powerful selves through his seminars and personal coaching programs. His various personal development and educational programs helps individuals of all ages to live a life full of confidence and success.

He is the author of the book "The Tao of Confidence", which is a unique, comprehensive and step by step manual that guarantees to help the reader discover their super confident and powerful selves which already exists within every human being waiting to be tapped.