Aerys Eiko Yoshizumi-Scherz

Writer in Huntington Beach, California

Aerys Eiko Yoshizumi-Scherz

Writer in Huntington Beach, California

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Hello. I'm Aerys; the mess after my first name doesn't matter. Click the link above to see some of my poetry that I gained the energy to type up after handwriting.

I'm an aspiring writer, science enthusiast, and annoying accelerated math kid. I aspire to become a neurosurgeon or physicist, but I am open minded to other careers in the higher level STEM fields.

I'm a pretty boring person but here goes:

I don't find myself super into many "classics" in lit but I am an unapologetic fan of H. P. Lovecraft, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (as in Sherlock), Ginsberg, and Whitman.

I play 4 insturments, violin, trumpet, classical guitar, and flute, and I mostly listen to classical, jazz, and indie music. My favorite song is Nocturne No.2 in E flat, and my favorite artist is Frank Sinatra

I have a peaked interest in higher maths and physics areas. I will discuss such topics with you but not if you are that one kid who thinks they are a genius because they read about Schrödinger's cat in a fun facts book and know the different between a veridical and falsidical paradox, y'know? I also love reading the works of Stephen Hawking, such as the writings in A Brief History of Time.

I built my first serious gaming PC at like, 12 and would be open to playing anything co-op, as I have most popular games. (40-50 on my own and 213 games if you include what I gain from family sharing with my mother's boyfriend). Add me on steam: Aerystotle, and ask for my discord/battletag. I main mercy and genji in OW.

I also enjoy watching dumb hipster movies and shows. As for movies, my favorites are Submarine, It's such a beautiful day, Kill your darlings, Coraline, Interstellar, and many others. My favorite shows are the Twilight Zone, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, and mst3k.

I enjoy philosophical discussion (lol rip my friendships), so though I am an atheist(ish)/agnostic I will discuss other beliefs with you.

Of course, on a lighter note I love cartoons, anime, and graphic novels. I play a ton of Nintendo stuff on my 3ds as well so you can ask for my user.

Buy me a pachimari plush and then we'll talk