Alexa Eskin

Student in Syracuse, New York

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Covering the basics, I'm Alexa, I call Philadelphia my home (because no one really knows the town I live in outside of it), I really love ramen, and I've got unusually small hands. I'm currently residing in upstate New York studying the music business at Syracuse University. I've been a music fan my whole life, and most of my high school career was spent on the side of the street queuing for a concert. I like to take photos of those concerts too. I hope one day to end up living permanently in Los Angeles, or Venice Beach if I ever have the dispensable income. I'm vocal about the things I love and I'm a pretty good storyteller, too. Catch me watching Buzzfeed videos or defending Taylor Swift over Twitter in my free time.

I've graduated from considering running a Justin Bieber blog my full time job to holding a position at Live Nation. I hope to continue working for the industry that has shaped me from day one.

  • Education
    • Syracuse University