Aesthete. Poet. Sleuth. Typophile. Influencer. Audiophile. Whovian. Novice Blogger. Purveyor of Sorts. Frugal Suburban Dweller. Quaint Sustainable Living.

Astrid is an artist and graphic designer based in South Bay California. On the interweb, she goes by the moniker Aesthete or qwertyastrid or squid (or something equally remotely undecided and facetious). When not occupied or engaged with projects, she writes nonsensical poems & prose, or emerse herself sleuthing on some clandestine mystery over a warm cup of tea or two.

Unbeknownst to her as to how or why, she's found herself amongst a niche of pinners and bloggers as an 'Influencer' and 'Tastemaker', garnering her quite a handful of followers and stalkers. Although she's been intermittently blogging since 2000, she still considers herself a novice blogger. Astrid also curates Aesthete Curator, a creative journal featuring some of the current artists and designers, both student work and professional.

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