kayla / kai is trash

Artist in Hemet, California

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hello! my name is kai or kayla idrc which one you use :)

[scroll all the way to the bottom if you don't want to read all of this]

i am a grumpy little child.

i like anime, drawing, cats, memes, and more dank stuff :,)

my favorite music bands/artists are tøp, p!atd, mainland, halsey, troye sivan, and melanie martinez!

i currently go by she/her pronouns please respect them! i know i look like a boy but i'm not.


please know if you don't follow as many people and you decide to follow me, i will probably will be the only person in your feed

if you're in mcig (minecraft instagram) i have probably posted about you, especially if you have a q, v, and x in your username!

i sometimes post innapropiate stuff.

i complain about tiny things that shouldn't be complained about but i do

i post a lot of gay stuff


thank you for reading all of this!

please dm me "☄" to be accepted, have a good day!