Rhys 💎

Hey what's up! My names Rhys but you can call me by any of my kin names!

-I'm 16 and a sophomore

-I have a qpp named Silas and I love them lots and lots! 🎉💕

-Please use they/them-he/him pronouns! Mostly prefer if you use they/them upon first meeting

-I'm fictionkin!

| kins |

-Literally me(do not follow): Rhys (tales from the borderlands)

-main (ask to follow): Carl grimes (the walking dead: show)

| Synpaths |

-Deacon (fallout 4)

-Waylon (outlast: whistleblower dlc)

| Tags |

-Chanel #1 (scream queens)

| Do not follow |

-If you are going to be rude

-Post irl gore without tagging it (though I don't mind if you don't tag it sometimes because people forget so it's a okay.)

| Extra information |

kik: deanisnotademon

Skype: deertapes

Tumblr: deertapes