Aesthetics Medispa

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Aesthetics Medispa is a complete appearance and health care center. It provides you with science and natural care of beauty. We offer a fully integrated service at the Medispa covering all aspects of cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery that includes World-class cosmetic surgery, nonsurgical aesthetic procedures and therapeutic Spa Treatments etc.

Aesthetics Medispa offer a unique option to enhance your looks, body shapes, physical appeals with help of cosmetic surgical and non surgical procedure and treatment by best cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ashish Davalbhakata in Pune, India.

Cosmetic Surgeries -

Face Surgery

o Hair Transplant
o Brow Lift
o Face Lift & Neck Lift
o Eyelid Surgery
o Cheek and Chin Augmentation
o Lip Augmentation/ Reduction
o Fat Derived Stem Cell Grafting
o Ear Correction
o Nose Surgery
o Dimple Creation

Breast Surgery

o Breast Enlargement
o Breast Surgery Reduction
o Breast Lift Surgery
o Breast Asymmetry Correction
o Male Breast Gynaecomastia Correction

Body Surgery

o Liposuction
o Vaser
o Tummy Tuck
o Mummy Makeovers
o Body / Buttock Lift
o Scarless Breast and Butt Augmentation
o Buttock Augmentation
o Calf Augmentation

Genital Surgery

o Penis Lenghtening
o Penis Enlargement
o Hymen Restoration
o Labiaplasty
o Vaginal Tightening
o Genital Rejuvenation

Weight Loss Surgery

o Gastric Bypass
o Gastric Sleeve
o Banding


o Spa Rituals
o Hydrofusion Therapy
o Body Rituals
o Focused Thera