asriel ???

screaming in Hell, Michigan

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regarding my instagram:

hello, yo. whattup. my name is archer, but you can call me astro, asriel, or kaydon as well, i answer to any of those. idk if anyone really cares enough to read this but here goes. im a little asshole that likes youtubers, music, video games, all things art really. also space. i really like space. i also practice witchcraft lol. ¯(ツ)/¯ im mentally ill and will probably be venting on my spam quite a lot (i usually tag general things [ed, self harm, etc]) so if that might be triggering to you, don't follow. i'm also sad/upset/whatever for approximately 98% of any day, so if constant emo posts irritate you, im prolly not the right person to follow. i mean, not ALL of my posts are that bad, it usually just happens late at night. ofc, you can ask for my main instagram, so if you'd rather not be bombarded with my sad rants but still for some reason want to follow me, that's always an option. im also otherkin/fickin so if that pisses u off, bye :^) thanks for reading lmao ok! imma make my way downtown now.