Sarah Aether


I am a spiritually guided old soul

I make many mistakes in life, I am not perfect

Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant

Sensitive with a Tough Outer Shell

I often set expectations for myself that I wouldn't expect of others



Lover of Life and Embracer of Death

Artist. Inspirer. Woman. Confidant. Explorer. Friend

Sister. Mother. Maiden. Crone.

Health Care Proffesional. Comforter. Team Player.

TBall/PTA Volunteer. Blogger. Birth Mother.

Significant Other. Home Organizer.

Music Lover. Aether Bearer.

Seed Sower. Weed Puller. Life Long Learner.

Slave to the Senses

  • Work
    • Healthcare
  • Education
    • Associates Allied Health Sciences
    • Certified Medical Assistant
    • Registered Nursing Aid
    • Registered X-Ray Technician
    • Hiv Aids Certification