Anthony Ezidro II

San Francisco, CA

Anthony Ezidro II is a dedicated and innovative entrepreneur in many areas of personal interest. He possesses an Associates Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. He has a certificate in Music Industry Studies/Music Production and is a talented musician with a wide range of musical abilities and talents, this interest has led him to the creation of a few of his various projects and business ideas; including the founding of The Chosen Generation Band, as well as an independant record label known as CGM Records. He is a talented creative person and is also the co-founder of CGM Films, a small film company that films anything from music videos to corporate videos. He has a passion for marketing and has experience with many forms of social networking and communications. His first business idea came in high school with his best friend with whom he co-founded A&M Gutter-Cleaning. Later, in the year 2011 he would start a marketing agency, specializing in Social Media Marketing, known as Viral Social Media. He is always thinking of potential new products and services as well as how to market them and make them successful. He has a passion for music and is a talented music composer and song writer in his spare time as well as his skills in web design, graphic design and business development. In 2014, Anthony will begin to pursue a graduate degree in International Marketing.

Anthony is also the Art Director at CGM Records and the Artist Manager for Javier Roman.

  • Work
    • Marketing
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts