SAP Afaria

SAP Afaria Installation

I'm availavble for SAP Afaria installation in your Organization's Premises.

I'll take 2-3 weeks for complete Afaria installation (it will consist of Afaria Server, Afaria Administrator, Relay Server (if you are considering it in your environment), Self Service Portal)

I will enroll the first 101 users & then pass on this to your New Afaria Administrator.

I will create Basic Policies, Profiles & then pass this to your New Afaria Administrator.


For APNS, you should have a Valid Apple ID.SAP Afaria License cost are separate.If any other license needs to procure then it will not a part of installation fees.

For PoC's, you need to procure license key from SAP & rest of the job will be mine.


For India: INR 155,000/-

For USA (NA & Canada): USD 20,000/-

For UK & Ireland: GBP 2200/-

For rest of the world: USD 22,000/-

SAP Afaria Training/ Paid Installation guides


Introduction to Afaria

Afaria Installation and Configuration

Afaria Server and Administrator Configuration

Profiles and Policies Creation

Deploying Software to Devices using Software Manager

Afaria Session Manager

Afaria Server Monitoring Setup and Techniques using Afaria Server Management


INR 100,000/-


30 hrs