Angela Marie Fava

Seattle, Wa Usa

As your Coach, you can expect me to bring all of me every time; all my experiences of being a Personal Trainer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Teacher and more. I bring a love and passion for what I do, and most of all I truly care about you and want to help you get to where you want to be. I’m good at seeing patterns, and ways in which you might be sabotaging your own success, and I use various tools to help you uncover the path ahead of you. I believe in you and your ability to live the life you are seeking, in fact, I believe it is essential for you to get to that life; both for yourself, and the world.Through coaching you'll know your strengths, build on them, get motivated, find clarity, focus, be challenged and encouraged to reach for your best.

I began life coaching as a Personal Trainer. I knew it wasn’t enough to simply teach a set of exercises; my clients had their greatest successes when they understood and overcame their obstacles, built on their strengths and were supported in the process. The results were so exciting to me that I sought further study and graduated from the highly respected CTI.

I coach because I believe each of us has greatness lying within waiting to be brought forth. I believe this greatness in all of us will change the world. Why not live your life bringing all of you forward: all of your creativity, strengths, and fabulousness that is you? Why not empower yourself by creating a life that brings you joy, creativity, satisfaction in your work, meaning - why wait?

You are waiting right? You've been waiting for your life to really begin, or you've been living a great life, but still feel like there is more. I'm here to tell you can have that 'more'. My job is to be your partner in helping bring out the greatness, the excellence, the creativity you have within you. Your job is to be ready to do the work necessary, and to celebrate arriving to the place you've been dreaming about!

Angela Marie Fava

Life Coach, Health & Fitness Coach, Spirituality Coach


Hablo Espanol con fluidez. Espero poder hablar contigo.

  • Education
    • CTI trained Life Coach, NASM Personal Trainer