Afeefa Rao

I am Afeefa Rao I belong to Kasur District but settled in Lahore. After completing my Master degree in Mass Communication from Lahore College for Women University, Lahore I started my professional career with Newsone. There I was responsible for the Production of different Talk Shows like The Lucman Show, Gehri Nazar Sajjad Mir kay Sath, Front Page, and Lahore Update. I also contributed in special programs like live Morning Show Morning Masala, Eid Shows, Eid-Millad-Dunnabi, Pakistan Day, Iqbal Day and World Freedom Press Day.

Being a professional lady in patriarchal society like Pakistan, working in media industry always become a challenge and my defiant nature always encourage me to move forward in my career. Later I start working with DUNYA TV and responsible for the program “Khari Baat Lucman Kay Saath” and produce more than 260 episodes. Now I am a PROGRAM PRODUCER of a most popular talk show “KHARA SACH WITH MUBASHER LUCMAN” based on the famous quote of Balzac that ‘behind every good fortune there is a crime’. This talk show reveals the facts about famous business tycoons, political personalities, corruption scandals, and other political and social issues of Pakistan. My professional commitment make me a creative and dynamic producer with distinguished more than six years of active involvement in various production stages in electronic media with broad knowledge of productions strategies, production equipment and production stages.

In my professional career in electronic media I have produced more than 1000 episodes of different talk shows & live transmissions ranging from social to political, economic and entertainment. I also produced and directed many packages and documentaries dealing with different issues for my programs. My all work is my achievement. Sometime Supreme Court of Pakistan and some other notable institutions took notice about the cases and problems highlighted through our programs which really motivated me to excel in my career. On a number of occasions I’ve felt honored when problems of people actually solved through my initiatives. The uniqueness of my experience is to work with daring, pragmatic and resourceful people which always inspired me.

In critical situation I have produced programs in which we have interviewed many regional and globally important personalities related to political, socio economic and entertainment fields. Such as Pervez Musharraf, Imran khan, Jamima Gold Smith, Dr. Tahiru-ul Qadri, Alan Hart, Lord nazir