Allan Feldman

Consultant in Clinton, Connecticut

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Hello Friend,

Have you been stressed out lately trying to reach out to new prospective customers by telephone?

I can offer some great Telemarketing by the Hour that will get you some very good results!!

No Minimum Number of Hours Required here!

No Set Up Fees!

No Commissions!

Flat Hourly Rate with No other Fees!

Are you looking for assistance for 1 Hour or More to:

(1) reach out to and acquire new clients?
(2) set up face to face or telephone business appointments/consultations?
(3) thank current clients for their business and advise them of a new product or service?
(4) encourage prospects to visit your website?
(5) update your database?
(6) Conduct and complete a special marketing project?
(7) Conduct a Survey?

As an experienced Telemarketing Sales, Marketing and Business Development Professional, I work with Business Owners on site or remotely, on a freelance and hourly basis, in order to assist them in areas and projects that they may not have the time nor sufficient staffing to actually accomplish.

I will also provide you with a CRM Update by the next morning with:

(1) Name and Contact Information of the Decision Maker I spoke with or left voicemail message for.
(2) Appointments Requested or Scheduled
(3) Notes of Details of Conversation with Contact Person
(4) Sales Information and Questions requested by DM.

I will also call you personally with any time sensitive matters requiring immediate attention.

What special project can I assist you with?

Can we schedule a Complimentary In-Person Meeting and Consultation?

I am Al "The Freelance Telemarketing Guy" and I can be reached directly in Clinton CT at :
(845) 594-9134

My Service Categories Include the following:

Lead generation
Outbound proactive marketing
Call to Action: i.e. entice prospects to visit a client's website.
Appointment Setting: outbound telemarketing to create face-to-face or telephone appointments for sales purposes.
Database Cleansing: the outbound calling of databases with the particular purpose to clean and prepare data (i.e. removing outdated and incorrect data) and contact details for future telemarketing campaigns.
Surveys: the implementation of telemarketing with the particular purpose of collecting data and information from specific target markets for qualitative research purposes