Affan Yesvi

Consultant and Writer in Bengaluru, India

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Hi. I am Affan Yesvi. A dreamer. A believer. A passionate, nomadic traveler. And a seeker.
People often refer me as a motivational speaker. I perceive myself as person who likes to speak his heart out on situations which stir the very core of our existence. And work for them.
My purpose and passion lie in serving humanity to the best of my ability, to make the world a better place.
This website is the medium which connects me to souls which share the same urge.
I was an entrepreneur for some time. It helped me meet people from diverse backgrounds and interact with them. I explored places around the world, witnessing the vividness and grace of the Creator.
The journey thus, began. I took upon myself to bring vital social issues to the forefront and into people’s consciousness. This continues to be my abiding life purpose.
When I decided to establish an organization for non-profit, social welfare objectives, I found myself confronted with many questions. Can I deliver? Will it work? Today I look down the memory lane and smile upon the past, for being such a great teacher and inspiration.
After successfully founding two organizations and having worked with numerous humanitarian agencies, I look forward to push myself beyond the achievable. Let us come together in our humility and transform what lies ahead and beyond for the next generations as an example of Love for Humanity.

  • Education
    • The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)