Azalia Affani

Surakarta, Indonesia

Here I am. Trying to take a part in this beautiful world. On my way reaching my dream, soon. I want to be a professor, Mars explorer, travelling to every country in this earth, can cook, and having a private jet plane. Oh, and making a small family with huge love. :)

Well, I'm still young. There's so many ways that I haven't followed and tried yet. Maybe my dream sounds ridiculous, but, hey, dreaming is free, right? Thus, I don't want to be just ordinary person. Digging up my personality because I believe that I don't know my self yet.

I love to love. Writing, taking landscape photos, having more attention to the detail, watching film, and so on. Love is the another way to express your self. When you smile a lot with that blush on your cheeks, that is love. Without a word, you're telling that you're in love. I feel that! While my fingers dance on the keyboard, while my index finger presses the shutter, while my eyes are on the screen, and while I breathe. I love this live too.

However, be grateful that you don't have everything you want now. That means you still have an opportunity to be happier tomorrow than you are today. Because we're too blessed to be stressed.

  • Education
    • Sebelas Maret Surakarta University