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One area of specialization of the Affinion Group is insurance policy. This company has been promoting top notch insurance products for more than 35 years now. It just works with A rated insurance providers as its underwriters for the products being supplied. These insurance programs are made to meet the necessity of the customers individual buyers.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage

This coverage in the Affinion Group is a form of customer appreciation plan planned to strengthen the ties that you have with your customers. This may additionally help generate higher revenue. Some of the main benefits of the strategy are affordability, guaranteed approval, and high ranking insurance underwriters. In addition, this application is also available in lots of different coverage alternatives to meet any budget.

Accidental Death Coverage (AD Silver)

The Accidental Death Coverage insurance plan offers consumers with up to $1,000 worth of insurance without any cost to them the customer of the firm will be responsible for paying for your premium. Extra insurance amounting to $150,000 may also be bought by the companys customers. The available coverage plans include individual and spousal. The program accepts anybody there's no requirement answer medical inquiries.

Accident Protection Program (APP)

This insurance plan protects the policy-holder from possible loss of life due to an injury covered by the plan. There are four primary types of coverage offered, for instance, common carrier coverage ($1,000,000), the automotive coverage ($100,000), the pedestrian coverage ($100,000), and the 24 hour injury coverage ($20,000). Single or family coverage are what clients can select from. Again, there is no medical exam required.

Hospital Accident Coverage (HAP)

The Hospital Accident Insurance, or HAP, is just a coverage that may pay customers directly with cash rewards in case they are hospitalized because of an accident that's insured by the insurance. The product offers clients with different coverage amounts, the best which is $200/day of hospital confinement. Additionally, clients are also offered with up to $100 of er visit.