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When you receive a traffic ticket in Florida, you have 30 days to take it to the Clerk of Court of the County you received the ticket in, and:

- Elect to attend a driver improvement course (defensive driving course), and bring the certificate of completion back to the clerk of court to prove that you completed the traffic school course, or

- Pay the traffic ticket (paying means you are admitting that you were at fault and the points will be added to your driving license) or

- Go to Traffic Court to contest the ticket. If you decide to go to Traffic Court and contest your traffic ticket, the judge can adjudicate you guilty, and you will be required to complete traffic school, the points will be added on your Drivers License, you could be fined, and your insurance premium could be raised.

The most common reason people attend traffic school in Florida is because they received a traffic ticket and they want to remove the points from their driving record, or because the judge ordered them to take a defensive driving course (driver improvement course or 4 hour dds course).

Affinity Traffic School is one of the few Florida State Approved Online Traffic Schools. We do not charge hidden fees. Our prices include all the processing fees, taxes and your Original Traffic School Certificate of Completion.

Whether you're taking our online traffic school courses to obtain a learner's permit in Florida or to dismiss a traffic ticket and remove the points from your License, you will experience the highest quality driver education for the lowest price in the traffic school industry.

Affinity Traffic School takes pride in its mission which is helping students become safer drivers and saving lives. Our course plan was the subject of an effectiveness study which confirmed a statistically measurable reduction in the number of traffic citations and crashes experienced by Affinity Traffic School course graduates. And we're here to support your educational experience every step of the way just as we have helped over two million d

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