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Public Relations in Singapore

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Affluence PR is an expert in Public Relations for upscale retail establishments in Asia. This includes luxury boutiques, brand name stores, flagship outlets, themed restaurants, mid to fine dining places, bistros and bars.

Why focus on PR for retail establishments? We believe that retail allows brands to distinguish themselves through the creation of memorable customer experiences. In an increasingly sophisticated world where people aspire for deeper connections, retail has the ability to allow brands to connect deeper with their customers and form lasting bonds through shared experiences.

Retail indulges all 5 senses through which we experience the world. From the visual attraction of a display to the first step the customer makes into an outlet, its smell, its texture and the taste of its products will involve the customer wholly into the dynamics of the brand. No other marketing communication is as powerful as a total body immersion experience that can only be achieved through retail, to impress the mind and touch the soul of your consumer.

We hope that by helping retail establishments generate good public relations, we are able to help these brands share their stories, to connect with more people and to impact the world in a good way.

When you work with Affluence PR, our consultants will also advise on these 5 touch points within your outlet, to bring them to a distinctive level for greater impact.