Affordable Laundry

Affordable Laundry

We service industrial washer repair, commercial washer repair and dryers repair in Los Angeles, Orange County:

Wascomat ®, Cissell ®, Speed Queen ®, IPSO ®, Dexter ®, Milnor ®, UniMac ®, Huebsch ®, ADC ® and other washing machines. When you need washer repair service in Los Angeles and the surrounding cities, our professional technicians are one of the most skilled, experienced, and responsive in the country, able to make most repairs within 24 hours.

We Keep You Running at Full Capacity!

Los Angeles Washer Repair Service and dryer repair service since 2005.

We offer bearing jobs, installation and general service, maintenance and washer repair service and dryer repair service. Besides we fix, rebuild, refurbish all electronic components on washers and dryers. Five years in business, lots of satisfied customers, outstanding service, extended warranty on our products and services, low prices, flexibility.

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