We are a fully incorporated family owned SEO Firm located in Ohio. We use only white hat tactics and don't outsource any of our work.

We offer the following services and are experts in all of them.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Twitter and Facebook Management

Social Media Optimization(SMO) Adwords PPC Management Structured Backlink Building SEO Training Paid Review SEO Consulting Our weekly reports are a full 55 page SEO report that show you how to beat your competitors and how your website is advancing. Packages we offer. SEO Work 10 hours of work $150.00/week (this is generally for ranking low competition keywords) We would rank 3 - 4 keywords depending what they are at a time. 25 hours of work $375.00/week (this is generally for ranking mid competition level keywords or to slowly rank high level competition keywords. We rank 4 keywords at a time. Free PPC optimization when you purchase this package. 40 hours of work $600/week (this is generally used for ranking high competition keywords.) We rank 4 keywords at a time possibly 5 if you want to throw in a low competition level as well. When you buy this package we also throw in free Facebook, Twitter Management, and PPC optimization. Note: After we get a keyword to the front page we would ask you which keyword you want to rank next, or we could research it for you. SMM Work Twitter and Facebook management $100.00 per week for our general package. This includes two intelligent posts per day on each site. We also post 1 extra time on each site for backlinking purposes. We also go around on Facebook and find relevant Facebook pages to submit your site to. On Twitter we will get you 40+ followers per day. Twitter Followers $20.00 per week( This gets you 40 followers per day) You must have an account that is older than 1 week and it must have at least 10 posts or we will have to charge an extra $30.00 to set this up for you. PPC Optimization One time PPC Optimization $40.00(We view your competitors keywords and see what is working for them, we can even see their ROI. We will then tell you what they are so you can start gaining with them as well.) PPC management ( We will setup your account and run it for you for $75.00 per week.) We offer PPC Optimization and Management for free with our 25 or 40 hours per week SEO package. Contact us today.