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The internet has opened countless doors for businesses, allowing more widespread marketing opportunities than ever before. Companies can now take their advertising online and introduce themselves to millions of customers across the world. This same advantages has also posed a number of unprecedented issues; therefore, for some, global marketing is the least of their concerns.

Many companies simply want to make themselves more prominent among local clients, but plenty of other companies offering the same products and services are focused on geo-targeted search engine marketing that same goal. This makes standing out in an expanding world more difficult. Search engine optimization plays a critical role in achieving online recognition; however, this is a much more complex task than many business owners realize.

Since search engines rely on algorithms to decide which websites are worthy of the first page of their search results, ensuring a company's website is fully optimized to be chosen by the search engines is the only way to be seen by the public. SEO entails determining which keywords and key phrases consumers are using in their queries. From there, website content needs to be created using these phrases.

Content spans beyond the company's actual web pages. Effective links to and from other authoritative websites are also important. The content must contain the necessary keywords enough times to be deemed relevant without overusing those phrases to the point of being flagged by the search engines and sent to the seldom seen realms of search results. The information surrounding the keywords must also be relevant as useless data will repel search engines as well as any potential customers who happen to land on the site.

Finding the appropriate audience in the right area is achieved through geographically targeted SEO, which means using keywords to target consumers in a specific city or region. Some companies fare better by limiting themselves to a small radius surrounding their physical location, such as physicians, electricians and plumbers. Those who offer services that can be performed online or who are in the retail industry may want to spread out a little more.

These companies can take advantage of online marketing focused on customers in their immediate vicinity as well as those throughout their state or country. The same applies